You’re stopped at a red light when the driver behind you slams into your car. Your neck jerks forward, then back, as your car is propelled into the one in front of you and your airbag explodes into your face. Your car is badly damaged, but your body might have suffered more.

Car accidents are the leading cause of personal injury cases in the United States, whether the drivers at fault were distracted, drunk, or otherwise impaired. However, many other types of accidental injuries can have long-term implications for those who were not at fault, such as slip and fall, product liability, pool drowning, or dog bite cases, among others.

If you are the injured party, or plaintiff, you deserve to be compensated for medical care, lost wages, and other expenses related to your injury. Personal injury, or tort, law is meant to protect those who are harmed through another’s action or failure to act. When successful, the person or company who caused the damages compensates the one who was harmed, physically or otherwise. Personal injury cases are more complicated than they may appear, and the timeline for filing and pursuing settlements requires strict adherence.

That’s when it’s time to contact DeZayas Law Group for an evaluation of your accident and the injuries or losses you’ve incurred. Our attorneys have proven success in representing victims in personal injury claims and achieving fair settlements. We are committed to protecting our clients and ensuring they receive the medical care and coverage they need.

If any of the following apply to your circumstances, you should seek an experienced attorney:

  • Broken bones, hospitalization, or long-term medical issues
  • A death caused by the incident
  • Missing time from work, school, or routine activities
  • Non-economic losses, such as emotional trauma or pain
  • Disagreement about who was at fault
  • More than one person hurt in the accident
  • Questions about accuracy of the police report or insurance paperwork
  • Insurance companies are not cooperating

Injured persons, or plaintiffs, are bound by time limits for filing a lawsuit, also known as a statute of limitations. States establish these timelines, which can vary based on the type of injury involved, but the statute of limitations often begins at the time the injury occurred or is discovered. DeZayas Law Group can ensure you meet these important deadlines and preserve your right to file suit and be compensated for losses.

With your attorney’s guidance, your case may result in a formal lawsuit, or civil complaint, asserting that the other person or business was careless or irresponsible, resulting in the accident or injury. However, many cases can be resolved through a settlement among those personally affected, their insurance companies, and the attorneys representing each side.

Our goal at DeZayas Law Group is to obtain the most appropriate medical services and compensation on your behalf. Sometimes this requires sending demand letters to the insurance company or managing all aspects of litigation to resolve your personal injury case successfully. We are strong, determined, and ready to win.

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