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Debt Defense

August 16, 2021|

The coronavirus pandemic has hurt many people financially, and some have found themselves buried in debt. Some creditors have not been generous with repayment flexibility. Our team is experienced in defending clients against lawsuits or judgments from creditors.

Personal Injury: We Have Your Back

January 13, 2021|

You’re stopped at a red light when the driver behind you slams into your car. Your neck jerks forward, then back, as your car is propelled into the one in front of you and your airbag explodes into your face. Your car is badly damaged, but your body might have suffered more. Our goal at DeZayas Law Group is to obtain the most appropriate medical services and compensation on your behalf.

Estate Planning

December 30, 2020|

College – check. First adult job – check. Significant other – check. 401k with employer match – check. Congratulations. You’ve fully embraced adulthood. What’s missing? You should probably start thinking about estate planning.

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