When it comes to matters of legal separation, divorce and related property division, it can really take a toll on you. At DeZayas Law Group, we take pride in the personalized care and professionalism involved in these situations.

It’s best to have an attorney represent you for a number of reasons.
Key amongst those is the fact that how issues are settled now will, to a great degree, negatively or positively affect your life in the future.

Commonly, a divorce can be so unsettling that you may not be looking ahead to important financial matters, how child custody and visitation will be handled, and the importance of understanding the court’s guidelines on these matters. Additionally, divorce can quickly become adversarial and emotional. That’s why it’s best to have the DeZayas Law Group team by your side – to help ensure that your best interests are kept at the forefront. We also provide an a la carte service (unbundled services) in family law matters.


We practice in the following Family Law areas shown here:

Florida is a no fault divorce state. This means if one party seeks a divorce and testifies that the marriage is irretrievably broken and meets the jurisdictional requirements (resident of Florida for at least six months prior to filing) then the Court will grant a Final Judgment Dissolving the Marriage.

At DeZayas Law Group, we go over your rights under the law and will provide you with a plan to expedite your case to get to a resolution as soon as possible. A divorce may be contested or uncontested. Furthermore, a collaborative divorce may be your best option.

Child support is a payment made to the parent or other court ordered individual in which a child (or children) primarily resides. The payment is provided by the parent who does not having majority timesharing with the minor child or children.

Child support is a statutory finding pursuant to child support guidelines. We assist our clients in contesting child support based on the guidelines.

In Florida, the adoption of a child by a relative is easier than that of a non-relative adoption. At DeZayas Law Group we discuss relative vs. non-relative adoptions. We also discuss what is necessary to finalize adoption pursuant to Florida law.

If you are seeking to relocate your minor child permanently to a new location that is fifty miles or more, then you need to seek the services of our attorneys. Section 61.13001 may apply to relocation. If not followed properly relocation may be denied.

Relocation is not automatic. No presumption exists under Florida law in favor or against relocation.

Determining or disputing the paternity of a child is also necessary in Family Law cases. A paternity (DNA) test may be conducted voluntarily or ordered by the Court.

At DeZayas Law Group, we assist in paternity actions which includes child custody; child support; name change and tax exemption issues.

The term custody is no longer used in court terminology. Today the Court system emphasizes a parenting plan to be followed by both parents. The parenting plan provides for a visitation schedule that is in the best interest of the minor children. A parenting plan also discusses communication between parents; extracurricular activities; transportation and shared parental responsibility. We help our client create a parenting plan that is focused on the best interest of the children.

When both parties desire to be the majority timesharing parent we assist our clients with the statutory factors pursuant to Florida Statute 61.13.

The first consideration in property division is whether the property at issue is marital or non-marital. Marital property which is deemed as property or assets accumulated during the marriage. Marital property is divided equitably under Florida law. Equitable does not always mean equally.

At DeZayas Law Group, we discuss the equitable distribution of marital property. We also review what is considered marital or non-marital property. Property division includes but is not limited to: Real property, vehicles, personal property, checking and savings accounts, pensions and retirement.

Any Final Order with regard to child visitation, child support, child custody, alimony may be modified upon showing of a substantial change in circumstances or in the case of child custody or visitation also what is in the “best interest of the child.”

A Domestic Violence Injunction is a protective Court order which prohibits an individual or individuals from having any direct or indirect contact with another individual. An injunction can be obtained by filing a petition seeking an injunction at the Courthouse. An injunction may be temporary or permanent.

We assist our clients who are seeking an Injunction or who are defending an injunction that has been used against them.

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