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Our practice areas are diverse and far-reaching as an all-inclusive legal services provider.
No matter what type of legal representation you need, the common thread between our client relationships is our focus on early evaluation of your situation with an eye on the best, most cost-effective result.

We encourage you to learn more about the DeZayas Law Group difference, and how we’re the right law firm for you.

Family Law

When it comes to matters of legal separation, divorce and related property division, it can really take a toll on you. We take pride in the personalized care and professionalism we provide.

Personal Injury

At DeZayas Law Group, we’re strong, determined and ready to win. From auto accidents to insurance disputes to product liability, you name it, we can handle it.

Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges can be frightening. But with DeZayas Law Group, you’ll have an aggressive, knowledgeable attorney by your side giving you the guidance you need.


You may not have considered bankruptcy. But, if you’ve experienced unexpected, extreme financial shock, filing bankruptcy may be the right solution for you.

Workers’ Compensation

At DeZayas Law Group, we represent the best interests of our corporate clients on a variety of workers’ compensation issues.

Estate Law

If you are named in a decedent’s will as a personal representative, you are responsible for seeing the estate through probate. At DeZayas Law Group, we’re happy to assist you.


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(863) 313-0078

M-F | 8am – 5pm


(863) 313-0078


M-F | 8am – 5pm